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Celebrate with us!

On June 4, 2019, hundreds will gather at the Butterfly Pavilion to celebrate Spark the Change Colorado providing volunteer expertise, connection and support to our community for 25 Years. 

You may have heard, we have changed our name!  As Spark the Change Colorado, we are able to serve the Rocky Mountain Region by inspiring, mobilizing and empowering individuals, organizations and communities to become a driving force for good through the power of volunteerism.

Community Working Together

Clean water, air.  Climate science.  Freedom to speak and march.  Immigration support, reform.  Guns, rights and tragedies.  Education.  Healthcare.  Transportation.  The list is long.  The stakes are critical.  The time is now.  We do not have the answers, but we have the solution – volunteering. 

Empowering YOU.  Igniting SERVICE.