Spark the Change Colorado, formerly Metro Volunteers, is a leading resource, strategist and partner that inspires, engages, mobilizes and empowers individuals, communities and organizations to become a driving force for good through the power of volunteerism, service and engagement.


We SPARK CHANGE and INSPIRE A MOVEMENT OF GOOD through the power of volunteerism, service and engagement.


A world with stronger, more resilient, equitable and connected communities through the power of volunteerism.

OUR Promise

Civic Engagement: We value the power of all people to contribute service to their community and to each other.
Collaboration: We value our relationships with other public and private organizations, locally and nationally, and are committed to collaboration and partnership to achieve shared goals.
Respect: We value the respect of our community. We demonstrate and earn respect through honesty, integrity, responsiveness and accountability in all we do.
Inclusiveness: We value an inclusive organizational culture that is friendly, dynamic, flexible, celebratory and respectful. We express these values internally and externally through open and clear communications, and by being intentional and thoughtful in how we engage with individuals and the community.
Excellence: We value excellence and strive to achieve it through expertise, thoughtful planning and by offering high-quality services and products.
Innovation: We value innovation as essential to serving our constituents and our community. We foster innovation through continual learning, willingness to take risks, discernment and reflection.