Corporate/ Group Volunteering

5 Ways to Volunteer:

Free!             1. Link to Our Volunteer Calendar:

 Our Volunteer Calendar shows available, no-cost volunteer opportunities.


Free!             2. Link to Our Volunteer Guide:

 Our Volunteer Guide connects you to nonprofits that accept groups/ shows you who to contact for scheduling.


Small Fee    3. Researched Service Project:


For a small fee, we condense ideas for your organization with a focus on specific interest areas or a range of opportunities based on your input. You then plan and execute your project. Complete this Form (Interest form + $250 Fee). 


Fixed Fee     4. Volunteer Service Project To-Go:


For a fixed price, we offer a selection of projects you can complete at your location. Click Here.


Pricing Based on Costs  5. Managed Day of Service Project:


We handle everything! We partner with you to design and execute a service project that addresses the interests, values, and goals of your organization. Pricing is depedent upon group size, supplies and logistics, etc. Click Here.

Email or call Brooks Bryant to get started.