Kind Connection Program

About Kind Connection

After the difficulties of last year and the continuing pandemic, it's normal for individuals to feel socially isolated and lonely. Events have been cancelled and social distancing makes it hard to feel connected to friends, family, and your neighbors. With our Kind Connection Program, our volunteers connect with individuals experiencing loneliness through regularly scheduled phone calls. 

The program's goal is to create a meaningful connection and bridge the gap of social isolation to those who need it most. Every Kind Connection Telephone Volunteer is properly vetted and background checked. Volunteers are given additional resources in order to recognize signs of mental distress. Those experiencing anxiety, depression, or other serious mental health concerns should consult our Mental Wellness Program services.

(Spark the Change Colorado's Mental Wellness Program does NOT provide crisis services. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency or crisis, call the Colorado Crisis Hotline: 1-844-493-TALK (8255).)


Who is this program for?

  • Individuals 18+ who would like to talk to someone regularly
  • Individuals or seniors who might live alone
  • Seniors residing in assisted living facilities with increased COVID-19 restrictions that make it difficult to socialize
  • Individuals who may have little to no family supports to rely on
  • Individuals who are able and open to have a volunteer call them on an ongoing basis


How To Get Started:

If you are interested in joining our Kind Connection Program and receiving regular calls from our registered volunteers, call us at (303) 867-0866, email at, or complete the online request form.


Interested in Becoming a Kind Connection Volunteer?

Volunteer with our Kind Connection Program to provide friendly calls to an individual who is looking to make a connection. Taking the time to make a simple call could mean the world to someone feeling isolated and lonely. 

Volunteers must:

  • Commit to making connection calls to at least 3 individuals per week. Calls can be made from anywhere, so this is a perfect virtual/remote way to get involved!
  • Complete and pass a background check
  • We will provide a script of suggested language and guidelines for conversations.
  • We will also offer a list of resources if community members are looking for mental health or other services. Volunteers should be open and willing to recognize when a caller is in need of more mental health support and prepared to provide resources.

If you are interested in volunteering, please Express Interest Here or call us at (303) 867-0866.

Remember, we're in this together. Spark a Kind Connection today!

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