Mental Wellness Program (Formerly Pro Bono Mental Health and Counseling)

The Mental Wellness Program connects mental health practitioners who volunteer their time and expertise to low-income Coloradans in need of counseling. Each year, the program connects over 1,000 individuals to no-cost mental health services in their communities.

The statistics are sobering: more than a million Coloradans experience a mental health or substance abuse disorder each year. Yet, 60% of these individuals do not receive treatment. Over half cite cost of treatment as the barrier preventing them from receiving the help they need. The Mental Wellness Program is designed to help break down the barrier of cost for Coloradans who cannot afford mental health services.


Coloradans cited these reasons for not receiving mental health care in 2018: 

If you are a licensed, insured mental health professional, (or a post-graduate candidate seeking licensure), we need you. The greater number of mental health professionals who volunteer, the greater the impact in our communities.

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If your community-based organization is interested in helping to meet the mental health needs of low-income Coloradans while increasing your capacity to serve your clientele, we need you.

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If you, a friend or family member are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, grief, loss or other behavioral health issues, we may be able to help.

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