MentorMixer Annual Event
April 2019; More details coming soon!
Location: Denver, CO

#BeTheSpark and volunteer to share your experience, expertise, and connections to ignite change.

Spark the Change Colorado’s annual event connects hundreds of professionals with each other as mentors, coaches, and sponsors, and more than 200 nonprofits and startups seeking advisory volunteers. Mentors, professionals, advisory volunteers, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders are invited to mix and match with causes and impact projects. Colorado's premiere mixer event for volunteering highlights nonprofit missions and startup projects with food, drinks, and fun.

Space is limited, reserve your MentorMixer ticket with early bird pricing and save! Apply coupon code: sparkchange

Take advantage of your MentorMe Network membership and join a webinar training, or volunteer activity with friends and like-minded professionals. Spark the Change's MentorMe Network membership supports you to be the most effective to lead change in our community!

Explore the benefits of a MentorMe Network annual membership:

The MentorMixer is an annual event in April with hundreds of professionals featuring nonprofits and startups seeking to mix and match with mentors, coaches, and sponsors. Join the MentorMe Network and reserve your ticket today. Tickets for the event are limited and early bird pricing is available.

This webinar is led by our expert in volunteerism. Learn about the benefits of effective volunteering and best practices for engaging with an organization. Volunteer leaders learn to define and deliver impactful projects that support volunteer managers using current skills and deploying new skills.

This webinar is an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of serving on a nonprofit board of directors. Learn the expectations of an advisory volunteer and best practices for effective leadership to an organization. Sign up for this course prior to the MentorMixer and prepare to meet nonprofits ready to engage volunteer leaders in our community.

Find a volunteer activity hosted by an organization engaging volunteers as a group. Connect with like-minded professionals interested in supporting an organization mission for a few hours.

For general questions about the MentorMe Network inlcuding media and sponsorship opportunities, contact Kristen Savage.

If you are a nonprofit or startup that would like to participate in the annual MentorMixer event, send us an email to register.