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Service Projects To-Go

Offers you a self-contained project that benefits a nonprofit in need.

Great for: corporate events, team building, parties and social gatherings.



($1,000, up to 25 people for 2 hours)

1. Dog Chew Toys

2. Lunch Bag Decoration

3. Paracord Bracelets


($2,000, up to 25 people for 2 hours)

1. Good Deed Kits

2. Super Hero Capes

3. Stuffed Animals


($2,500+, up to 25 people for 2 hours)

1. STEM Kits

2. Blankets

3. Hygiene Kits


($3,300, up to 25 people for 2 hours)

1. Teacher Appreciation Kit

2. Activity Kit

3. Holiday Memory Kit




After working with our team to determine which project will work best for your organization, we'll prepare the project and bring it to the location of your choosing. There, we'll guide you and your associates through the making of the project and provide information on the impact your project will bring to others.

Email or call Brooks Bryant to get started.

303.945.2493 / bbryant@sparkthechangecolorado.org