Spark Kindness!

Join the Movement of Good and Spark a Little Kindness with the Help of Our Spark Kindness Cards!

How It Works:

Life is tough! In a world of stresses and worries, a little bit of kindness goes a long way. Even the smallest acts of kindness can make the largest impact on the people and communities around us. Ever had the urge to purchase the coffee order for the car in the drive thru line behind you? Or leave a note of encouragement in the pages of a library book for the next reader to stumble upon?

With our Spark Kindness Cards, we're hoping to keep that spirit going by encouraging a 'Pass It On' approach to random acts of kindness. Download the printable card template, cut out the individual cards, and you 're ready to Be the Spark that starts it all! When completing an act of kindness, like purchasing a coffee order, ask the barista to hand them the Spark Kindness Card in place of their bill with the request to keep the kindness going. Cards can be left in books, on doorsteps, on car windshields, anywhere! You can even leave a personal message or word of encouragement on the back to make it extra special. Who knows how far our Kindness will go? (Cards can be printed by any standard printer on standard paper, but we suggest printing on card stock for longer lasting cards.)

Share Your Stories:

Part of the fun of our Spark Kindness Cards is that participating means Joining a Movement of Good and Connecting to a Community of Changemakers! When a Spark comes in to your life, visit our website,, and share your story on the Spark Kindness page! We'll be sharing all the great ways your acts of kindness help to create stronger, more resilient, equitable, and connected communities, in Colorado and beyond!


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