Metro Volunteers is now Spark the Change Colorado.

Since 1994, we have connected tens of thousands of volunteers with hundreds of nonprofits in Colorado to create thriving communities where our friends, colleagues, families, and fellow Coloradans live and work. Two decades later, we are still committed to service, equity, and community empowerment through the power of volunteerism.
Question: Why the change?
Today, the needs of our communities are greater than ever. Now more than ever, we need volunteers to help us live-up to our highest ideals. As an organization, we needed to change to meet this need. Over the years, we have adapted in two big ways:
  1. We are no longer just the Denver Metro Area. Today, we provide services all along the front range and partner with remarkable organizations statewide that provide critical services to millions of individuals each year. Since the 2013 Colorado Floods, we have also worked in more than 10 counties for disaster recovery and to rebuild homes. Our influence has been and will be statewide.
  2. Although volunteerism is still at the core of our work, our vision is to create stronger, more resilient, equitable, and connected communities. To achieve this, we need changemakers and movements for good, and as an organization, we want to be a spark for these movements.
Question: Does Spark the Change Colorado have a new mission and vision?
Yes we do. Spark the Change Colorado, formerly Metro Volunteers, is a leading resource, strategist, and partner that inspires, engages, mobilizes, and empowers individuals, communities, and organizations to become a driving force for good. We accomplish this through the power of volunteerism, service, and engagement.
Our Vision: A world with stronger, more resilient, equitable and connected communities through the power of volunteerism.
Our Mission: We SPARK CHANGE and INSPIRE A MOVEMENT OF GOOD through the power of volunteerism, service and engagement.
Question: Has your services changed?
Yes and no. If you’re looking for a way to connect with your community through volunteerism, we are still your best resource. If you’re looking to engage your company in service, we will still help you strategize. If you’re looking to build your organization’s capacity through volunteerism, we will partner with you to achieve your goals.
In addition to our previous services including volunteer management training, board leadership, and corporate volunteering, we are constantly refining our programs to best meet the needs of our communities through volunteerism, service, and engagement. A spark is just the beginning, but together, we can ignite a movement for good.
Please join us to learn more and get involved. #BeTheSpark