Wishlist Needs

Nonprofits in our community need your help. Whether that is through volunteer service or in-kind donations. We have launched a Wishlist program with our partners to offer them the opportunity to let us know what they need, so we can share it with you. Please take a look below at the organizations that have active wishlists. As a community member, you have the opportunity to claim item requests to indicate that you will be providing these in-kind goods to these organizations in need.


If you see something that sparks your interest, click the "See Items" button to learn more about their specific requests and you can claim items to fulfill. Keep in mind, once claimed, these items will not be available to others to claim, so it is important that you only claim items you intend to donate. You can claim an entire "package" or a portion - it's up to you! Be sure to read the description of the request to make sure you understand what the nonprofit is requesting. Once you click "Claim", you will be asked to provide contact information that will be shared with the nonprofit organization and how many items you have claimed to donate. 

*In-Kind Goods ONLY* - our partners in this program are asking for In-Kind donations ONLY, no direct financial contributions are a part of the Wishlist Program. We all know that nonprofits need financial support, so if you'd prefer to donate funds, please consider making a financial contribution to Spark the Change Colorado. 

Capital One Shopping

Did you know you can do price comparisons to find the best price on items? Use resources like Capital One Shopping before you buy if you plan to donate supplies!