As society changes, we're seeing an evolution in how people choose to get involved and give back.

Individuals, youth and families are looking for creative and fun ways to get inspired, give back, and spark change in their communities. To help you along your civic engagement journey, Points of Light has created a new resource. Civic Life Today is a new digital magazine that is comprised of nine issues. Each issue takes an in-depth look at an element on the Civic Circle. In addition, each issue contains a Youth & Family Corner, sharing ideas and tips for the whole family to get engaged. Click here to read the full magazines, or check out the Youth & Families Pages below!

Click each cover to download the Youth & Family Corner page from each issue:




People are activating and supporting issues in so many ways. Today’s engaged person may express their desire to do good through the purchases they make, how they vote, in what they share on social media, where and how they choose to work, and what nonprofit organization to support as a volunteer or donor.

Points of Light connects people with opportunities to be engaged and helps them discover their potential to make a difference. POL believes every action matters and that civic engagement is critical to advancing causes that improve society for everyone. POL believes a person who lives a civic life has a greater sense of social responsibility, healthier relationships and is more inclined to want a just and equitable society.