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COVID-19 Article 2: Volunteer Strategy

By sparkthechangeco. Mon, 25 May 2020

Volunteer Strategy By: Amanda McKee, Spark the Change Colorado Throughout this difficult and uncertain time, volunteers have played a key role in helping organizations successfully fulfill their mission while supporting the changing needs of their community. The significance of volunteers has become ever so apparent. The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement does an excellent job … Continue reading COVID-19 Article 2: Volunteer Strategy

COVID-19 Blog Series: Article 1; About the Series.

By sparkthechangeco. Mon, 18 May 2020

Organizations of all types have been tasked with delivering their services despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. While these challenges have certainly been difficult, there have also been extraordinary levels of support and engagement from volunteers. We have seen volunteers dedicate time to helping their communities and providing organizations a way to move forward. To … Continue reading COVID-19 Blog Series: Article 1; About the Series.

History Colorado: Community Conversations

By sparkthechangeco. Mon, 18 May 2020

Museums and cultural organizations face significant challenges during these unprecedented times. As an opportunity to network with colleagues, share common issues and experiences, explore opportunities for collaboration, and learn from each other, History Colorado is pleased to host a series of Colorado Museum Community Conversations. Museum professionals from across the state are invited to join us for any or all … Continue reading History Colorado: Community Conversations

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Upcoming Trainings

This valuable program will enhance your knowledge whether you are a new or seasoned volunteer professional.


We Need You Here!

Come enjoy happy hour bites and drinks as you network with nonprofits looking for board candidates and skilled volunteers.

If you are interested in joining a board but have little to no experience, this class is the perfect place to start.

Introduction to Board Service will train you to serve as a board member and help you choose a board that is the right fit for your interests.

Come represent your volunteer organization and network face-to-face with volunteers at Spark's 1st Annual Volunteer Fair in Pueblo, CO.

Message to Spark the Change Colorado Members, 

Due to COVID-19, you may be experiencing a lot of cancellations and/or calls asking where folks can help.  We can help you in both areas.  You can cancel your current opportunities for the time being if you don't want/need volunteers showing up right now.  

  • For Date and Time Specific opportunities, see the attached screen shot.  You'll log in to the Partner Portal, click on the volunteer opportunity you want to change, scroll all the way down to Occurrences and you'll see a tiny Cancel button for still-active opportunities. 
  • For Individually Scheduled Opportunities, there is no 'cancel' option, but they can do the following:
    • 1) Edit the occurrence end date, and set it to yesterday's date. That will remove it from the public site.
    • 2) Use the email functionality to send emails to any volunteers with upcoming connections that they've already confirmed - and let them know the opportunity won't be taking place until further notice. Then update those connections to declined, so that they are removed from a volunteers upcoming opportunities. (No action is needed for pending connections, unless they desire to decline those as well).
  • And if you Do Need volunteers, be sure to post updated volunteer opportunities with specifics.  We can also help connect you to the Help Colorado Now website where more volunteers can find you. 

Please let us know if you have questions and we'll be happy to help. 

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